1. Advices & Expertises

    ORISHAS FINANCE assists you in the full implementation of your strategic projects of digital transformation in the bank and finance world in a leadership approach.  “test and learn”

    • Back Customer-centric experience”    innovation, personalization, engaging and consistent.
    • Profitability
    • Data marketing platforms: unification to prepare the future
    • Omni channel technology, based on the continuity of relationship with the customer, whatever the channel (internet, social network, mobile and tablet) used, the place or the time of use
    • Company 2.0: supporting the change through an organization and 2.0 culture (tools, vision, expertise, process, innovation).


    1. Products and Services

    A unique offer because of its scope and its sharp expertise in all the sectors of activity in Africa.

     Orishas data services

    • African & International Economic Calendar

    The indispensable economic and political agenda of the entire African and World financial community for piloting investments.

    • Market data of the main regional companies

    Information service on the listed companies: the financial statements, the documents, the board of directors, the general management, the statutory auditors, etc.

    • UCITS (Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities)

    Information services (characteristics, legal documents, management, performance etc.) on all funds of the sub-region, as well as their prize list.

    • Obligations and treasury bonds

    Information service on all issuances and characteristics of corporates bonds, governments, treasury bonds and sukuks in the West African economic and monetary union (WAEMU) zone

      Tailored Management World Market Data

    Financial terminals connected to more than 200 markets (BRVM, Nigeria SE, Ghana SE, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Euronext, ICE Europe and USA, CME etc.) and more than 450 data sources.
    Distribution of Financial Market Flux in real or delayed time.

    Development of financial websites, Omni-channel distribution (web, mobile, tablet, social networks) / Profitability / Customization.

    Electronic trading on all the markets.

    Management Solutions of securities for Retail
    Full Service of online stock exchanges, Order Management System and Pre-Trade portfolio management, Trade and Post Trade

     Governance, Risk management and Compliance of last generation Solutions which cover several industries

     Internal control of the conformity of the markets activities: control of stock exchange transactions at the look especially of the rules to fight against money laundering or market abuse or to ensure ex-post of adequacy to portfolio management rules (i.e. limits of hold and thresholds).

      Distribution Platform of African Financial Research: by category of Asset Classes on the African and European scale

     Distribution:  of indices series, bonds & treasury bonds of African governments in national currencies