Thanks to its permanent technological watch, ORISHAS FINANCE has set up prestigious partnerships to offer its customers a wide range of services and products with high added value. ORISHAS FINANCE aggregates, transforms on its platform more and more content into financial and economic data.


Headquartered in Singapore and London InfoTrie is a leader in behavioral finance dedicated to the processing of unstructured financial data (Big Data Analytics news, sentiment analysis, financial engineering and software development).

Provider of financial information to strong added value and hosted and managed solutions to the financial market, covering front, middle and back office needs for financial institutions around the world. Interactive Data provides, analysis tools and related services for financial institutions, professional traders, private investors, media, etc …

Created in 1919, COTE ALPHA, is a specialized company in Financial intelligence and offers solutions in terms of data management, competitive intelligence and analyses to OPCVM’s stakeholders.


Ecofin is an agency of sectoral economic information, established in December 2010. Its web platform was launched in June 2011. It gathers a team of journalists and experts specialized in key sectors of the African economy.

STAR ISC is a business solution dedicated to the detection, the analysis and the reporting of market operations for RCCI and RCSI. Via a simple web interface, it allows managers to understand the associated regulatory risk and constitutes one of their precious business management tool.


  Based in Germany, Concerto Solutions is a provider of serial indexes and African obligations (CABI) and series of treasury bills (CABILL) in strong local currency with high quality continuously.



Founded in London in January 2015, aggregation online platform dedicated to financial researches and market analysis. The investors, professionals and individuals thereby benefit of a free access and easiness to a wide range of financial studies and research documents made by many European and African offices, regarding different classes of assets and analysis types. The studies are accessible “to the card” in a free and paying way. One of the main goals at the launching is the development of this market place dedicated to the financial research on the SMB in Europe, by making it accessible to all the professional investors and European and international individuals.

OXIAL is a Swiss group holding some subsidiaries in France, in the United Kingdom and in Morocco, it has been active on the GRC market for more than ten years. OXIAL is a leader in the governance trade, Risks and Conformity (GRC) covering several modules (GRC control, GRC Risk and GRC Audit) and several branches of industry: Bank & Insurance, Energy & Chemistry, TelCom, Health, Community and Services.

4TPM  means “4  Trading and Portfolio Management” is a French company specialized in the securities trade.

The group is a publisher of professional software of management of securities Whose PATIO which is a functional and technical platform.