ORISHAS FINANCE has entered a partnership agreement with DOW JONES

ORISHAS FINANCE has entered a partnership agreement with DOW JONES

ORISHAS FINANCE, the specialist in providing and integrating Financial solutions, and Services Risk Specialized announce its partnership with DOW JONES.

This strategic partnership allows  ORISHAS FINANCE to offer you solutions covering the entire process of detection, investigation and monitoring of regulatory risks (AML / CTF), anti-corruption, sanctions and compliance lists, commercial risks (fraud, supply chain, reputation) and Due Diligence.

DOW JONES Solutions are Now Available for ORISHAS FINANCE Customers in West and Central Africa

ORISHAS FINANCE will distribute, implement and provide local support for Dow Jones solutions, providing to Customers a complete regulatory risk solution (LAB/FT (AML / CTF), Anti-Corruption, Sanctions and Compliance Lists), commercialRisk (fraud, supply chain, reputation) and Due Diligence.

We also allow our customers to treat their business relationships as a growth opportunity rather than a regulatory or commercial risk

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

E-mail : info@orishas-finance.com


  • Ivory Coast:
    LD: + 225 22 52 31 96
    Mob: +225 48 78 36 65
    TEL Support : +225 22 52 31 98
  • France :
    +33 6 2388 3156


Orishas Finance is a Fintech based in Abidjan specialized in the customized financial information, and Services Risk Specialized for the African and European market for financial institutions: Banks, microcredit, stock exchanges, brokers, asset management, Insurance, Mining Companies, Mobile Banking, Legal Department and Law Firm etc.) For more information : www.orishas-finance.com

About Dow Jones

Dow Jones is an America company leader  in information services since 1882.Dow Jones has over 18 years of experience providing risk and compliance data to financial institutions, business and governments.Dow Jones has more than 2,500 customers throughout the world (enterprise  and financial sector)
Dow Jones compte plus de 2 500 clients dans le monde entier (entreprises et secteur financier)
Dow Jones solutions are used in anti-money laundering and terrorist financing programs by:

  • 4 of the 5 largest French financial institutions
  • 5 of the 6 largest European insurance companies with offices in France
  • 8 of the 13 banks part of the Wolfsberg group

In addition, Dow Jones is the only market data provider to entrust one of the consulting firms BIG Four the production of an annual Audit Report on the quality of its sanction data and collection processes. This report is available on the Dow Jones website www.dowjones.com/ but also by contacting Orishas Finance www.orishas-finance.com

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