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The architecture of InfoTrie is opened and allows you to use our source data, analytics and to custom them or expand them to  your needs and viewed them.

Our offer is totally flexible and can better map the expectations of our customers:

  • Subscription (SaaS, or Feed)
  • Project
  • Licence

The Saas platform offers:



Here some examples of their products.


There is simply too much information on the web or on private sources to be processed manually!

FinSentS represents financial news and scans feelings. Its engine scans unstructured content and statistical semantic and real-time capture the feeling of news, blog and social media.

FinSentS transforms text, voice or video numbers. His sentiment’s scores can be integrated into the trading strategies / algorithms, risk and compliance systems, or simply analyzed to quickly understand the atmosphere of a market or asset regardless of price movements.

It monitors in real time the speed at which news or rumors spread, and allow you to take quick action to make new investments or to protect existing ones.

The news engine analitytics FinSentS standard covers the main global equities, Forex, commodities … it can be extended to any subject or asset class.


I-Feed is a real-time flow of financial sentiment based on news, blogs and social media. It converts text to market data.

It is available as standard for more than 3,000 major equities, commodities, forex, indices, industries, sectors …  I-Feed can be customized on demand and / or enriched with your private source. It can integrate with your internal trading system or internal risk sytems, your intranet or customer of application …

It is available in form of simple API (JSON, XML or flat file) or FinSentS via Web Application.

Sentiment Indexes

Wide coverage of business news InfoTrie worldwide (Americas / EMEA / APAC) provides an incomparable feeling of depth data to analyze. We offer several categories of sentiment indices:

  • Index Company

  • Stock Index Shares

  • Level Index Sector / industry / sub industry

  • Index Commodity 

  • FX Indice

  • ETF Index 

  • Political Risk Index

  • Country Risk Index

  • Macroeconomic Index

InfoTrie Sentiment Index provides a unique insight and facilitates comparisons across markets and countries. For example you can measure the relative performance of the American and European Chinese companies by the amount of positive / negative news regardless of macroeconomic considerations.

Macroeconomic performance itself can be monitored and compared to the country level.

Up to 5 years tick by tick and / or a daily time series can be supplied for any index. The historical data can be downloaded on demand. Delivery can be made by mail / FTP / real-time supply (csv / JSON / XML).

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