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Our offer is totally flexible and can better map the expectations of our customers:

  • Subscription via the stock exchange deutsche boerse
  • License via FTP, file sending email
  • Project & Consulting


The Concerto Financial Solutions services range from consulting, development, prototyping, production and distribution of indices continuously.

Asset class: Consulting

Identify opportunities.

Develop a strategy for the market or customer (eg partners, price suppliers, …).

Create new asset classes.

Standards: Consulting and Development / Prototyping

Collect data, clean and perform quality assurance.

Develop a relationship of clear rules (eg for indices).

Project coordination between clients, authorities, buyers and sell-side banks.

Information: Development / Prototyping and Production

Development of significant key data and analytical values.

Set: Update of frequencies and quality control routines, etc.

Dissemination of data.

Products: Production

  • Pricing models: data and licenses
  • Customization and adaptation to customer’s needs
  • Include specialties such as liquidity and sustainability criteria
  • Production of high quality continuous index


Examples of products

  • Series of Indices



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